The Premise Behind Mixed Farming When you talk about mixed farming it is actually a kind of farming operation that combines two or more enterprises in a single setup. For instance, raising not just crops but also livestock as [...]

Common Issues Facing Modern Day Farmers While current technology have allowed farmers to spend lesser hours out working their fields, life for a lot of farmers can still be quite challenging.  Aside from common problems they have faced since time [...]

Useful Wooden Sign Making Tips

If you are into crafting, creating wooden signs are a great pastime or even side business to get into.  All you need is some basic knowledge in order to create beautiful artwork and functional crafts [...]

Wood Post Crafting Ideas

Normally used for signage and fencing, wood posts are quite popular with crafters as they can transform them into holiday décor, hat or coat racks or for landscape lighting. If you are going to create [...]

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