Homemade signs are a great means of catching attention to your home or business. They can also make your messages seem warmer and personal. If you are looking to brush up your signage either for home or business it is important that you choose the appropriate style and look.  Here are some suggestions to consider.

Paints and Poster Board

Most of the time, homemade signs suggest large letters painted on a white poster board. These types of signs may be effective for sporting events or political rallies but can also be quite as effective for a simple local yard sale. Custom wood business signs Bemidji MN experts recommend using dark colors like black, red or dark blue on your white poster board in order to ensure the letters stand out. Pencil the letter designs on the poster board initially to ensure it will look right and then simply fill in the pencil outlines with paint.


For folks looking to create temporary signs to say indicate directions to a restroom or the location of an office then it is recommended that you create something that offers a sharper look than simple hand-crafted letters. To do this you can use stencils to create a professional-looking lettering on nearly any surface. Stencil kits are available in any hobby store and come with a lot of different styles that can help establish that professional look.  It is important that you apply the stencils on a completely flat surface in order to prevent fuzziness. Use spray paint, as it is the easiest to use with stencils.

Custom Wood Work Signs

Wood is one of the best materials to use when making signs.  Also, you need not be a professional in order to create your very own homemade wood signs.  Custom woodworking Bemidji MN experts recommend that you outline your sign design and then burn it into the wood with the help of a soldering iron It is recommended to use quick and even strokes with the iron in order to achieve a smooth appearance. Alternately, you can also use stencils on the wood to create the sign. Simply outline the letters in pencil and then burn the pencil lines in order to create that unique appearance. Use a router bit from a power drill in order to establish frame designs around the edges.