Not many people know but wood burning is an easy hobby to get into once you know the basics.  You can create personalized wood signs for your home or business that can add flair of rustic charm.  According to custom woodworking Bemidji MN specialists, wood-burning tools are generally quite affordable and wood is not the only material you can use. Many artisans for instance decorate gourds by using the burning technique. The method called, pyrography or “fire writing” on wood or a gourd is what we shall be discussing today.


One of the basic tools that you will use for this purpose is called a shader This is very useful due to its inherent versatility. Another tool the small-ball writer is likewise quite versatile and glides over the wood and is so easy to hold in one’s hand.  There is also a round-heeled knife or skew which can be used for writing flat or carved lines on the wooden surface.

Tracing Paper

This material comes in a variety of types but for this purpose graphite paper is the best one to use for the simple fact that is easy to use, not toxic and any errors can be corrected with ease. Another alternative would be wax paper, which is quite perfect for people that are just starting on this hobby. Wood burning kits are available at your nearest hobby shop and already include all the necessary accouterments.

The first step is to make a template of the letters you intend to use and the cut the design around the edges and tracing paper to the same size as the design and then put the tracing paper under the template. Prep the wood by sanding it and then smoothing it out using a cloth. Once you are done you can attach the design with tracing paper under it to the wood using masking tape. Trace the design on the wood using a pencil.


When engraving wood make sure to hold the tool lightly as more pressure produces a darker hue. Quick movements are enough to etch into the wood with fine lines and light shadows.  Custom woodwork Bemidji Minnesota specialists recommend holding the burning tool with your thumb and forefinger at the shaft and roll if you are interested in creating curved lines. The blade part of the tool establishes detailing when shading letters and creates depth.