If you want to add a touch of rustic charm to your home or business a handcrafted wooded sign is the perfect solution or gift. Using the right tools and a touch of imagination, creating your very own wooden sign yourself is indeed quite possible. Here are some ideas for you to consider for your project.

Chip Carving

According to custom wood signs Bemidji Minnesota specialists, the art of hand carving a wooden sign is known as chip carving and has been around for hundreds of years. Tools like a hammer especially made wood carving knives and mini-chisels are used for this purpose. The art of chip carving calls or making small chips that result to images directly carved into the wood. It is generally recommended to design the letters to appear on the sign on tracing paper initially, this can be cut out to form the words on the actual sign. They can be positioned properly and carbon paper slid beneath the letters, which are then traced to make an outline in the wood, which will also serve as a carving guide.  The resulting carved letters can be enhanced with paint with a coat of finish or varnish applied upon finishing.

Painted Signs

A much more simpler approach but not quite as good-looking as chip carving would to simply paint the letters and images directly. This process is quite similar to chip carving but minus the actual carving itself. You can choose from a wide array of colors and finishes. Custom wood board Bemidji Minnesota recommends an old weathered piece of wood from a barn or house and then paint your sign on it to achieve that rustic feel and look.  To get the antique look, all you need to do is light sand the paint and it’s done.



Hand made signs offer a variety of uses like serving as a home-entrance sign showing a family name or as a quaint house-warming gift that business owners can put up outside the shop or office. You can also hang them indoors over a child’s bedroom, or a personalized sign for a cabin or cottage.