If you are into crafting, creating wooden signs are a great pastime or even side business to get into.  All you need is some basic knowledge in order to create beautiful artwork and functional crafts from blocks of wood. Wooden signs can serve to decorate a child’s room or add a rustic old-world look to a business sign.  Here are some useful wooden sign making tips to check out.

Selecting The Right Wood

According to custom wood board Bemidji MN experts, the best wood for making signs is dry lumber.  There are 3 criteria that you need to follow when selecting wood. They are: unsplit, unwarped and unseasoned.  Depending on the wood you use you can create different looks as each type has a different grain and porosity.  Fir, pine and spruce for instance are perfect for outdoor signs because they stand against the elements reasonably well. For a hardier selection choose cypress, cedar or redwood.

For indoor use it is recommended to use maple, cherry or walnut variants as they offer a luxurious look and can match most furniture finishes. Do not use pressure-treated wood as they easily warp when exposed to heat and rain.

Bonding Agent

The kind of bonding agent you use can mean the difference between a cohesive looking sign and one, which looks like a bunch of wooden blocks poorly glued on a board. Use strong wood glue that dries in the color of the wood and can be sanded. Use glue that is weather resistant and may be stained or painted.

Lettering and Background Details

Concentrate on the background first prior to adding lettering to the sign. Custom wood signs Bemidji Minnesota recommends narrow gauge for smaller signs that have intricate detailing. Prior to adding the letters it is important to create a paper pattern to scale of your final desired piece so you can know if the scale is congruent with the details you prefer. If everything is copacetic, use carbon paper to transfer the lettering. Use V-groove routers to establish a surface that is simpler to paint. If you prefer raised lettering, use a sabre saw aka jigsaw so it does not vibrate and ruin the details. Make sure to clamp it in to the wood to prevent it from splitting.