Normally used for signage and fencing, wood posts are quite popular with crafters as they can transform them into holiday décor, hat or coat racks or for landscape lighting. If you are going to create wood post projects for outdoor usage, be sure to use an acrylic sealant to provide protection from the weather.

Painted Holiday Posts

Custom woodworking Bemidji MN experts recommend making different outdoor décor for the holidays like Christmas and Halloween. For the former, you can use white posts as a snowman by simply tying a plaid scarf around the neck and adding a top hat. Add more attention by circling the post with white outdoor twinkle lighting. For the latter, you can use white posts for ghosts or orange for pumpkins.

Solar Light Posts

You can make a base with wooden posts for all your solar lighting needs. This is a better option than sticking the solar lights along the garden path where they can easily be kicked over or damaged by the lawnmower. To do so, cut a post into three sections of different lengths of 12 inches, 18 and 14 inches and then secure the sections together using wood screws. To add dimensions, tie a heavy rope around the post sections.  Drill a hole in the top of one of the posts and install the base of a solar light in it.  Use treated wood, as they are less susceptible to inclement weather.

Hanging Posts

These are normally used indoors to hang coats or hats for that matter and for outdoor use for plants. For indoors, use four 12 inch sections of 2×4 inch lumber around the base of the post in a spiral manner in order to keep it upright. For outdoors you need to bury the post at least 12 inches into the ground. Drill one inch holes perpendicularly in order to fashion the hangers. Using wood glue, secure six-inch sections of a dowel rod into the holes.

Garden Sign Post

You can easily direct your guests to different parts of your garden with a homemade sign post. Custom wood products Bemidji Minnesota recommend a wooden sign board screwed onto the post itself. This adds a rustic, old fashioned look that will charm and delight your guests.